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You’ll always be a sun Ray.

Hi All,

After some heart sinking news that a life may be headed somewhere else for a woman who made such a difference in my world, I’m dedicating this blog post to you.

You see a lot of articles, quotes, memes etc etc on how you must treasure your loved ones. Hold them near, dear, and tell them you love them.

Someone as openly passionate as me doesn’t really worry about that, as it naturally comes up – through my heart, into my mouth, into the ears and alongside to the brains and memories of others ( I hope.)

I will visit you soon. (Just because we live a far, country apart or not, doesn’t mean you can’t connect or be thinking of the other and carrying them in a socket of your heart). My mum, for example, rests gently on my shoulder and comes out whenever I need her.

For the purpose of anonymity in the blog I will call this lady, ‘Ray’ – because in all honesty, you shine like a ray of sun, ever since the day that turned into years of thick black cloud during my time at school.

Ray dedicated part of her life to looking after others. Young ones. Perhaps lost. Looking for something. Missing something. Going through troubled lives. Ray reached out to me like no other in this time. Based at my school, Ray took a different approach, and led on a holistic care level of support for me. Ray warmed me. Ray taught me I was not alone.

Ray is beautiful. Ray has beauty in and out. There may have been screams and shouting from my tortured teen years but Ray never gave up on me.

Ray had empathy like no other. Strength – internally and externally.

I will continue to live with my head held high in times of need and darkness. I’ll remember your Ray and see the light when I think it’s getting too much.

Thank you, Ray, for all you’ve done – and the life you injected back in to me and have spread to others.Tell loved ones how you feel. No matter what’s going on.

Lots and lots of cuddles and Abbie ear to ear smiles. See you soon Ray xxxx

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