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World Heart Day 2020

❤️Happy #worldheartday Jasper! ❤️

What an idyllic place for us to be marking this day with you.

Who would have thought we’d be sitting here, looking out into the beautiful forest, with you, our beautiful baby boy, under 2 months after your open heart surgery repair, on World Heart Day 2020.

Imagining our first family holiday together to celebrate your strength is what kept us going.

Congenital Heart Disease / defects (CHD) is something we’d never heard of before, it’s not in either of our genes, yet affects 1 in 125 babies.

You, our strong son, are just over 3 months old and are pure love.

You’re a fighter. Our hero. You are cheeky. You are ridiculous levels of cute. You love your music and swimming lessons. You love being in the water like your mummy. You LOVE milk. You love your play mat. You are calm and chilled like daddy (and the spitting image of)! You are loved SO much by us, our dear friends and family.

‘Thank you NHS’ wasn’t just a tokenistic hashtag for us this year. Great Ormond Street saved Jasper’s life. The Whittington took care of us all, as a 3, during this

world pandemic.

Tiny Tickers has supported, informed and educated us, introduced us to a new heart network and given you a Scottish penpal (shout out to ya bestie, Gabe!)

Happy World Heart Day and thank you everyone that continues to fight for healthy hearts ❤️❤️❤️

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