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Living With Loss Podcast Series

Podcast campaign with Lets Talk About Loss charity for mental health awareness week 2020

A podcast dedicated to young people aged 18-35 who have been bereaved in their childhood, teenage years or young adult life.

A note from the co-hosts:
Welcome and thank you for visiting living With Loss! We are so pleased you have found us and hope this platform can offer some hope, comfort and empathy if you have been bereaved or are supporting a young person who is grieving. Please do take care when listening and look after yourselves. Whilst we hope this will be a helpful podcast, we understand it might bring back memories and difficult emotions as we explore a variety of deaths and experiences. The below organisations can offer support if you need it during this time:
Samaritans - 24/7 support
Cruse Bereavement Care
Winstons Wish - help for children
Grief Encounter - help for children

Mind - mental health charity

Widowed and Young (WAY)

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS)

Loss Podcast Project: Service

Episode 1

Abbie & Beth

Introducing the co-hosts of Living With Loss! Both Abbie & Beth lost their mothers at different stages in their lives and in this episode draw on their experiences of how their grief has changed over the years whilst exploring the differences between the types of their losses of cancer and suicide.

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Episode 2

Mu'izz, Tobi & Toni

Abbie & Beth meet Mu’izz and his cousins Tobi & Toni who are siblings, to share their experiences of losing aunts and grandparents. The group explore their loss and discuss how age, culture, family roles and gender stereotypes can impact on how young people experience grief. 

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Episode 3


Abbie & Beth meet stand up comic and writer Alex, who shares his journey of losing his cousin and what the aftermath of loss can look like in the Greek Cypriot community. This episode explores mental health, sexuality and discusses suicide and the sensationalism often associated with the death. 

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Episode 4

Cait, Kyla & Matty

Abbie & Beth meet Cait, Kyla and Matty, a group of young people who have all lost one or more siblings. The group discuss their personal experiences with sibling loss and how they remember their loved ones and cope on significant days.

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Episode 5


Abbie and Beth meet Hannah, who talks through her bereavement journey of losing her father, who she had a difficult relationship with. This episode gives insight into what it's like to grieve when there was a complex relationship involved, mental health issues and what helps. 

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