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That Scene From Ugly Betty

“That scene from Ugly Betty?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

I know, I know. It’s not a headline I’ve seen before. I think I’ve heard it referenced for that Sharon Stone movie. The one with the chair and the legs. Yeah. Not quite the same reference here.

In my usual way, of watching well known series years behind others do or when they’re ‘topical’, I’ve started to watch Ugly Betty only late this year. More oddly (and kinda by accident, as I didn’t know the rest of the eps were available on Amazon Prime, okay, partly as I didn’t look) I watched the last series first and now I’m watching from series 1.

I love Betty. So much. She’s so sweet!

“So, which scene, from Ugly Betty?”

I hear you intrigued in question. Well. It’s the one where she’s sat. She’s sat in the cemetery talking out loud to her mum. Oh my heart.

“That’s me!” I squealed to my husband, who then popped his arm around me and kissed my forehead. Really, I know it’s me and thousands, maybe millions and billions of others, but I’ve never watched someone do it on T.V. It was beautiful and sad. Betty sits talking to her mum about where she’s up to in life. Her troubles. Her triumphs. Looking for answers she knows she won’t get. Does she make them up in her head like I do? Does she feel slightly awkward and look behind her shoulders to see who’s watching or listening to her talk out loud to a plaque? She’s just a character.

There was something in seeing her, so lovely a soul, so packed full of love for her mum, so comfortable sat with her that was comforting to me.

It was not long ago my husband said, “we should probably go visit your mum soon, it’s been a while.” A while it has been. Of course I know I don’t need to go there to speak to her but there’s something about that place and the fact I can access it.

Perhaps we’ll go this weekend.

I’m quite excited about it actually. Aside the risk of this miserable weather!


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