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Hi All,

I hope you are well.

This blog is dedicated to the Founder of ‘Write Mynd’ app, for introducing me to a bit of hope and solidarity in sharing some of my – closest to home, cards to chest – thoughts, that are too frank for this blog.

The lovely Lizzie found me after reading about my journey in Stylist mag –

Lizzie has created an app that lets you anonymously share, in written posts (with matching ‘Inside Out’ style categories to help organise thoughts into feelings and vice versa a bit more clearly) anything that’s in your mind that you’d rather ‘let out’.

As I scroll through the feed which are exerts from other mysterious minds utilising this outlet, I am reminded that I am not alone.

I can write whatever and however I am feeling and simply – Let. It. Out. Or “Let it go” if you’re a Frozen fan. There’s something about putting your thoughts down and out there. Things that you may not share out loud. I’m all for encouraging people to speak about how they feel but what if there’s fear? What if you’re too anxious to share just how deep that pain is or just how seemingly strange those thoughts are? Write it. Anonymously. Put it out there. There’s others that are having similarly niggling thoughts that they’re too embarrassed to say to others. So why not write it? You’ll be surprised at the wall of other contributions that reassure you you’re not alone in thought turmoil.

Equally, feeling like you can’t share something you perceive as positive for fear you won’t get the response you’d like? Or that you won’t feel humble sharing? Or any other reason personal to you. Perhaps you just want to see it in writing and keep it private yet open? Throw it out into the Write Mynd world. Although no one can comment, that’s actually the beauty of it. Give yourself a bit of acceptance as you read something that’s coming from you.

I’ve been using the app for the last couple of weeks to test out how it feels to let go of a few thoughts I wouldn’t necessarily share on here. At first, I felt like I was popping my thoughts into drawers. Tucking them away and not re-opening the app. Then, I thought – okay, let’s identify any patterns in posts. Uh-huh. Okay. There they are. Turns out it’s actually quite a useful tool for sussing out any similarities/relationships or triggers which people often ask you for when you’re not at your best.

Other times, I just opened the app to see what others may be facing. Good and bad. Unlike Facebook, the anonymity allows you to not get attached to any of the other posts, as you don’t know who’s said what. You can’t be swayed into compare mode because you don’t know if that’s the girl from school who’s always tried to get one up on you. You can’t be guilt tripped, you won’t get FOMO, you just read, and feel a little less alone.

I’d recommend this app if you’ve been itching to share but concerned about the ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ in person or cyber world, as Write Mynd lets you write for you.

Indulge in a little self care, find it here at: 

Abs 💙 X

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