The Power Of Words. 

Good bright and sunny morning,

I’m off work today to celebrate one of my nearest and dearest’s birthdays ☺️

I’m writing today about the power of words. I was thinking about this last night as I got home from a 12hr shift where the words of my volunteers had touched the lives of others. I also arrived home to a beautiful surprise, a card from my friend (check out her blog-‘Mindful Em’), just to say ‘thinking of you’. ‘Thinking of you’ could have been said in those 3 words, but instead it was 2 pages of heartfelt words recognising and acknowledging that I’d had just over a week long episode of ugly LOW. Depression and Anxiety come in all forms for many. For me I break it down into ‘episodes’ and ’bouts’. Episodes are smaller periods of intense low that make me fearful it may turn into a bout…Bouts are God awful months of it – and/or accompanied by its close f(r)iend Anxiety. I often say ‘low’ sometimes as I am aware that although things are incredibly tough, and I recognise the symptoms and actions of depression…I can’t face giving these ‘lows’ the gratification that they turned into depression-more what I’d associate a bout with. Low still has a lot of depth though, I mean…how low can you go? (Couldn’t write that without singing it 🙈) this is what the power of words do, they can transform our thought sand feelings-from happy to sad, and vice versa.

People including myself – especially when low – can misconstrue words to however we are feeling inflicting on the way we see them, interpret them or hear them. A simple joke could have a long term affect on someone who didn’t see it as a joke. What was meant as a cry for help may be mistaken for a joke. Never under estimate the power of our words.

However small, however long, they hold meaning. Since sharing our ideas of blogging, one of the closest people to me has been communicating in a more powerful way than ever. They may not feel this the way I do, but it means a lot to me. Being open and honest with our words can change our relationships.

One of my most prized possessions (that is an ongoing project of mine) is my scrapbook. I have many a diary/photo book/memory book but this one is different and one I developed especially for ‘Self Care’. <~ 2 words with multiple meaning to me and a ridiculous amount of importance. It contains cards, words, phrases, quotes and messages from friends and family that uplift me or show empathy. It could be from a birthday, graduation, anniversary of mum, anniversary of the non married (but bloody better soon be engaged – no pressure to the partner reading) boyfriend of mine…the list is endless. I’m a big reflector, and that is now my go to book. Comprised when I was in a well enough state to do it, so that in those not so well times I can grab it and let those words tell me the truth, not Depression the filthy liar, and not Anxiety the ugly animal. (If I’m honest I feel a bit mean calling them that as they’ve been part of my life for so long I can’t remember life without them. Although when I am low, all I plead and silently scream for is life without them. But they’re part of me still…hmmm, I guess it’s important to have some acceptance and ‘be’ with the feeling at times. Depression and Anxiety are way too extreme to do this with though…)

I guess what I’m saying is – let us not forget the power of words. Do reach out, send notes, cards, texts, silly pictures (there’s so many ways these days) you might end up touching someone in a way you didn’t expect. It can be isolating when you’re struggling with your mental health, and words can do many a powerful thing…

Bereaved by suicide we can often beat ourselves up for years about what we wish we’d said, what we wish they said…the least we can do is use our time on planet earth wisely to use our words NOW, and acknowledge their power.

Lots of love, Abz X 💙

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