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Sophie’s Story

Sophie’s story

Beautiful blue skies in London Town!!

Today I dedicate this blog post to the one and only Sophie – Co-founder of #Suicidetabooandlifewithoutyou.

For those of you who watched our first vlog, you’ll see an undeniable friendship of love and strength and here I upload a link to Sophie’s story (part 2 of our personal stories re:loss by suicide sequel) try hyperlink ‘Sophie’s Story’ on top of page if it didn’t work or check out Suicidetabooandlifewithoutyou on YouTube. (Still learning how to use this blog site 👍🏻) We’ve yet to share it on the more scary world of facey b (FB, Facebook ✌🏻️😎🙈) well, purely because I’m scared haha but a phone call tonight – like the picture states – will change everything and it will be released 😁

I’m not entirely sure what I’m scared of. Perhaps telling those I love the most how I really feel and how apparent and raw my feelings towards it all are. The mention of my father, I wouldn’t want him taking it the wrong way – I love him dearly. The stigmas of ‘attention seeking’ ‘get over it’ 12 years ago, ‘oh look at them doing good things pfffft’ <~ ok halt. I mean if I have any of those kinda people on Facebook they really aren’t my friends or family are they?! I think I’m bringing this on myself. These are insecurities. If it was anyone else but me I’d be telling them how blooming brave, creative and courageous they are. I even have an album of stored messages and quotes from the small number of people we decided to share it with so far as a test for feedback confirming things.

This is why doing it together will also help. It’s unique. Sophie’s a girl I’ve seen come remarkably far these past couple of years. Her story is real. 10years apart and my storm flew her way and we’re fighting it together. We WANT to make a difference. We NEED to see a change. A change in attitude. We must talk about mental health, we must talk about suicide. It’s okay…it really is.

We’re doing it not just for Aaron and Shelley, but for all the lives lost. For all those left behind. For all those who attempted suicide. We’re here. Standing in solidarity with you. We get it.

After these 2 vlogs are released, our series of grief and awareness begin.

Thank you for supporting our campaign. Do share and spread the word.

Let’s talk.

Love Abz X 💙

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