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Hi all,

You may have guessed from the title that I either had an amazing night’s sleep last night or one where I barely had any…

Have a guess, go on…The latter? Correct! But I’m not going to moan and groan because I thankfully and on occasion that this does happen – feel okay and able to function. In fact I have a bit of fire in my belly (never used that expression/understood what it meant but maybe it’s just something you feel like I do now…hmmm 🔥) it’s not a bad fire either – it’s a warming one, where burning ‘sparks’ fly of interest, ready to be set free and chase new ideas. I’ve got energy to burn, there we go- that’s it!

My attempt of ‘mindful living’ is still successful but it did deteriorate yesterday in all the excitement of making my wonderful volunteer’s video of her journey. I get SO excited and happy for people with resilience, genuinely, that it takes me to a weird place where I feel euphoric and not even in the earth land let alone mindful ‘present’ land!

So as to be expected, I guess I came home and thoughts were just like fireworks bursting out of my brain about campaigning RE: Suicidetabooandlifewithoutyou, RE: the importance of celebrating and rewarding the commitment my vols give and how blooming 💐 amazing they are – so planning a celebration and reflection event in my head. And those just twisted and turned like a non destructive tornado and danced the night away until I finally got back to sleep around 5am for 2 hours! So yeah, that’s what happened.

So even though this isn’t a negative post it highlights that our minds and lack of sleep can also bring around ‘highs’ that although sound great…and legal 🙊🙈 are actually rather hard to control. A bit like when I blog about ‘good overwhelm’ being similarly difficult to manage as ‘bad overwhelm’. It’s seems unlikely but they’re both just as energy consuming not to wear and tare on the old health a bit! When there’s a lack of consistency in one’s mental health it…(forgive the repetitiveness) it’s tiring. 😴 Yawn- it makes me feel bored how ‘tiring’ is a reoccurance in mental health blogs but it speaks truth.

Luckily with a full on day of work ahead I’m not feeling that tired considering- but I know if I don’t take a little time out for self care or self care planning I run the risk of feeling ‘burnt out’. A term for run down people at work who have reached ‘burn out stage’ when the fire in the belly isn’t such a good thing! When they may be forced to take a break because they didn’t stop or take a little time for self care planning before hand and it got too much…

Sleep is important. And a lot of the time – I do feel tired. Likely – tired of being tired … but ‘tired’, nonetheless? Are you tired yet? I think I’ll pipe down using that word now 🙈

So if you’re supporting someone with a mental health problem – whatever age – and they want time out or time to lie down. PLEASE let them. They’re not deliberately being ‘boring’ as much as they may think or you may think they are. They need to rest. It’s Sooo important. Sleep is vital recovery time for any human let alone those struggling.

I used to get embarrassed when I had to ‘lie down’ or ‘close my eyes’ for a bit and try and explain it to others but now I try not to. I just do what I need to and those who love me will understand.

Sweet (day) dreams for now, have a restful weekend folks,

Love always, Abz X 💙

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