Role Models. 

Morning all,

I was up bright an early this morn as we have a big day ahead of us that I planned in all my excitement last year, thinking I’ll look at the logistics later 👌🏻 🙈🙉

It wasn’t so I’ve been sleeping early like a baby 👶🏼 drops of lavendar oil on my pillow (mum loved lavendar-she was a beautician back in the day and even made the papers because she was the best in the business at Harrods in London..yes, Harrods 👍🏻👌🏻✌🏻️), a ‘sleep easy’ candle with a lovely aroma and even lavendar oil in my candle burner thingy, where you put a candle under hot water and it fills the room with whatever you put in the water! Lavendar coma anyone?

Anyway, my team of ultra superfragilisticexpialidocious *Mary Poppins! If you didn’t work it out!* vols are delivering back to back workshops today at an all girls school in far away land to cover a PSHE day on mental health. Oh how proud I’ll be and they should too ☺️ 👏🏻I never stop banging on about my vols to anyone close to me because they are The Shiz 👏🏻👌🏻

Young girls and guys with lived experience of mental health problems kicking stigma’s butt standing up for the rest of us and educating assemblies and classes of young people – they get my vote! 👍🏻

The reason I wrote about role models today is very sweetly I’ve had a couple of people answer ‘Abbie’ when asked who inspires them in interviews and let me know (not boasting-writing for the purpose of this blog post …God I’m insecure 🙈 who’d have me inspire them..🙉) Annnnnyway (look I’ve learned how to use italics and found out there’s much more I can do…) my point being is we’re all known or meant to have some kinda role model. It’s one of those awkward ‘organised fun’ things I mentioned that you get at dinner parties…’who’s your role model? Dead or alive!!’ One that always makes my face go 😳 because often they want you to say someone famous and political or revolutionary when all I can think of is in my little life. I think this is more intimate though.

I mentioned my volunteers earlier-they definitely belong in this category. Perhaps not ‘role models’ but people I do what I do for. They’re HUGE inspiritations, not just to me but I think to many! I have friends who kick down barriers even when they’re down and bounce back and continue to thrive and achieve. They fit in to this category. Notice my pattern in resilient people. I love a journey I do. I love the people that (yes, sadly -and everyone will at some point) have been through the mud backwards and upside down and some how come out glistening clean and sparkle in their lives. They may even fall in the mud again and get back out. To state the obvious, that is life, my friend!

When I think about work I think I’m so lucky to have been blessed with some awesome leading managers. My first ever manager (in my field) – defo the reason why I’m doing what I’m doing today. She believed in me. And in ALL her young people. She fought for them. She worked for them and she made a difference. My current manager -boy am I a fan. I look up to her so much and she has lead in a way that has enabled me to flourish and encouraged me to lead too. I also had teaching assistants at school who ran the learning centre for the ‘troubled ones’ who NEVER gave up on me.

Notice my trend in people never giving up on me? This does not mean I see giving in as a weakness. My sunflower was sick. Sunflowers can’t take as much mud as humans. It wasn’t just me she left behind, but her field too.

I had to find and work out my own role models after what happened, as out of my parents, it was mum who looked after me. After struggling and craving care, routine and stability for so long and on my lonely quest I learned more about the people around me than I would have done for a long time.

I have many a leading lady in my life. My 2 grandmas? Phwoar (the good ‘Phwoar’ not the smelly ‘Phwoar’ 🙈😆 just needed to make a sound there…) they’re freakin amazing. Aunties, cousins my lovely partner. Inspirations and role modelling can come from the smallest and darkest places to the most obvious.

For me it comes down to resilience. But also recognising when enough is enough, time for self care, time to get help, time to utilise those around you who *aka yesterday’s post* will LOVE YOU FOR YOU. Unconditionally.

I’ll leave you on that soppy note as I’m not going to lie, feeling the early start now…everything’s moving in slow motion, even the little ants that are people’s heads at Waterloo Station!

Have a very good day and I shall be back tomorrow.

Love and inspiration, Abz X 💜

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