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Mindfully lost in nature 

I missed you 😘

Happy Monday.

Today is an unusual Monday for me as at work we have an organised, ‘Team Wellbeing’ day. We acknowledge that as much as we devote our days to the wellbeing of others it’s important to do so for ourselves too. So, we’re off for a lovely walk in Windsor and a team lunch. How blissful, ey?

This fits in perfectly for me as I’ve just spent a soul awakening weekend in Killarney, Ireland. Even typing the words give me a little warmth. If you’ve never been – go! And if you’ve ever been – then you’ll know, what this delightful gem has to offer.

Firstly I spent the weekend with my friend who’s practically family as she knows us all, lives around the corner, and we were even introduced through my aunt and uncle. Secondly, we were staying with her family. A loving, loving bunch with an 18 month year old enough to put a spring back in your step and smile, and a little laugh that fills you with joy!

We shared home cooked meals round a table!

For anyone who knows me, this is something I love love love ❤️ it’s something I miss miss missed when sunflower passed and have been yearning for ever since. Hence why my heart has self soothed its own cracks when I moved back in with family half a year ago. Where I get access to a table 😀 (renting in London = likely you may not have a table/afford a flat big enough for a kitchen table 👍🏻). I use it a lot. For meals, for cups of tea and deep chat. For chit chat, for tales from my grandma…the list goes on. (Wow I really am all about the simple things in life!)

We went supermarket shopping together (all things that you probably wouldn’t think twice about) but it reminded me of family times and made my heart radiate more warmth. We cooked, mindfully. This means with time, no rush, just simply enjoying the elements of cooking with the full senses (bare with the hippy sounding of it all and trust me). The chopping, the colours, fragrances and of course, taste. Not just of the food but of the people around the table, the convo flowing, and the sweet smell of togetherness.

Aside these home comforts, even stepping outside the airport was literally, a ‘breath of fresh air’, from the London smog. (Stepping out the plane and the first step in a new country is one *there’s many, clearly!* of my simple little joys of being on holiday). We were surrounded by green. I lovvvve greenery and surprisingly, one good thing about living in London is the access to parks and beautiful green spaces … but this was something different. Hills and fields and forests of beautiful fresh shades of green. The scent of rain and dew on the green (sunflower always used to love the smell of green after the rain too).

Each day we were there we did all I could have wanted and explored Ireland by foot, arm in arm in friendship or side by side hiking away. For me, being lost in nature takes you away from it all, at the same time as being grounded back to earth. Taking time to appreciate the scenery, deep breaths, lakes that make your eyes fill with wonder at the water as it tranquilly ripples (I’m well aware this blog post is turning into a love sicky poem #sorrynotsorry … It’s the truth, I swear!).

It reminded me of walks with sunflower and our old dog, Bella. Something we did a lot of as a family. It reminds me of when Sophie and I (she won’t mind a name drop, she’ll regularly appear in this blog as my vlog partner anyway!) once took a bus and then another bus and then another bus and got lost but had the best adventures together as a form of escapism.

Ireland bought out a lot in and of me. What I really like. Irish pub life and just people watching the happy go luckies and sense of community. The St.Paddy day parade celebrated local charities and it had a real family feel.

I had a dance and me and my friend were lost in the music (our shared love) in the middle of a pub in the heart of Killarney. It was random, it was spontaneous, and I was not anxious, one … single … bit!

This was also partly down to my friendship with the lass who took me with her. I could be ‘me.’ I felt at home and I was myself. Sounds easy enough but as you may have seen from previous blog posts this doesn’t always come naturally to me.

So I’m back in London now. It was of course lovely to be reunited with my one true love. To reminisce and share stories. A little holiday blues hit me yesterday but today will help take me back I hope and re-ground me to what is key to our wellbeing. Remind me that anxiety is not worth it. It really isn’t. It sucks but confirms again who I am, a part of me that allows me to feel and experience life the way I do.

Have a mindful Monday guys,

Lots of love (you may have had enough love from this blog post! Bleugh 😝 )

Abz X ☘

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