Laughing out loud 🙊

Good Evening Blog World,

Today I feel okay. Hoorah! For a while I didn’t ‘feel’. And now I’d say I’ve reached ‘okay’ land. Nice, bland ‘okay’ land. At one point, even better then okay. I laughed. Properly. I had a good time. This was great…It’s good to laugh.

At school Sophie and I always used to worry we’d get smile lines at an earlier age than we’d want them because we were always in fits of laughter. To be fair these have definitely appeared around my eyes but I’m totally pro these lines as signs of pure living! … At the ripe old age of 26 🙈

I’ve heard there’s classes out there where you just join and laugh for the whole class. Doing different laughter styles apparently. I’ve always wanted to go. Must be such a belly work out.

The laughter today reminded me of how much time I used to and to be fair still do have a good ol’ chuckle. Never did I think I’d be writing a blog post on this topic and it’s actually bringing me quite a bit of joy in doing just so! Despite all my battles with mental health problems my sense of humour has got me through I’d say the most. The ability to laugh at myself and to crack jokes even when struggling is quite a strength and would almost definitely feature in a top reason I think my partner is with me!

It also helps that at work we’ve been focusing on the importance of ‘normal’ising the topic of mental health but also what it looks like to have a mental health problem. A lot of us are smiley happy people. (Read in 🎤 ‘Shiny happy people’ song voice ofcourse).

A bundle of joy” is how someone once described me. I love that. I associate ‘bundle’ with a little bunny rabbit and a bunny rabbit with ‘cute’ and hey presto I’m like totally a happy bunny rabbit! Wahey.

Today is the first day in a long time I’m feeling a little more me. Still a bit of a mediocre version with a lesser capacity to ‘feel’ than I would like. But a bit more human. Or bunny 🐰 ..🙈

I’m not going to be overly positive though because as the feeling itself is not too strong I can only be optimistic that I might be on the mend. A number up on the old feeling depressed to feeling well scale. I think that’s a cause for celebration though. Go me 😊 I’m still in annoying (most likely for others rather than me as I’m actually totally fine with it) cancelling social plans mode because work and rest is all I’m realistically able to cope with at the moment but I’ll get there. (“I’ll get there” – it’s my most used expression when I’m a bit perky about recovery – oo recovery – I should really do a post on that…it means different things to different people and a subject I rather like!).

Any hey, on this positive note I’ll leave it here. Have a laugh tonight – watch something funny, call your humorous friends and remember little things that make you happy. (Another post coming shortly looking at the difference between pleasure and happiness inspired by a co-worker of mine).

Little bursts of laughter,

Abs X 💛

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