Fight it the fit way part 2…

Morning all,

Another beautiful blue sky with a frosty dusting on the grass!

I’m going to pick up where I left off about the fitness package that has taken Australia by storm and is gradually getting recognised for its awesomeness worldwide! It helps that it’s founded by a young Australian woman who is inspiring and big on women power 💪🏻 although it’s for men too, just helps to have more young female role models making their mark 💫 It’s called, ‘The Jungle Body.’

Now, this blog isn’t about promoting particular brands or programmes, this is just something that works for me. It’s more about my journey with fitness and how it helps my mental health as well as physical.

Baring in mind my struggles with food, eating and over exercising from a young age for many different reasons, stability and routine did not exist in my life for a LONG time. Those 2 words have officially changed my life. I was so used to having drama after thrill after danger equalling = really not caring what happened to me yet my inner child screeeaming for stability and routine at the same time – that eventually and gradually, after a breakdown too, things did begin to change.

‘Breakdown’ itself probably has many a connotation, ‘crazy’, ‘mad’, ‘loopy’, ‘lost the plot’… the list goes on. But if we ‘break it down’ (excuse the wordplay/don’t because it’s brill 👍🏻) breaking down what’s happening in our lives can sometimes lead to a positive turnaround. You may have heard of the word ‘Burnout’, the new term given to people that guessed it, ‘burn out’ because they are driving their bodies and minds to extremes that they may break down. In England and I’m sure else where in the world there seems to be a love of ‘being busy’. Sure, there are some people that have their stuff together. You’ll read that mum’s of 4 get up at 5 go for a swim, jog and cycle then make their kids smoothies for breakfast and do a full working day as a CEO and then have date night with their hubbies and have a weekend of non stop action fun too… 😳 or that 20 something who works in a high flying role, goes out drinking or dining most evenings and you need to book them 2 weeks min in advance to spend time with them cos they’re like ‘so busy’. Cool, that’s fine for them. But do we really aspire to keeping up with the glorified busy that we want to have high flying everything, over achieve at our personal lives AND professional lives. Compare ourselves to others. Compete until burnout? I’d rather not, thanks. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice life filled with a variety of things and people, just don’t oversubscribed to the hype if it’s not possible.

When you’re trying to stay well the most important thing is what’s right for YOU. Experiment with your own routine. Get it wrong from time to time and learn from it. It’s okay.

The cliche ‘life is a roller coaster’ *cue singing that bit instead of reading it in Ronan Keatings voice* is just exactly what it is and our routines and how stable we feel will go up and down from time to time, but we need to be okay with this. Easier said than done…

For me it’s the little things too, as often I can get low after setting goals to high or having expectations of myself that just aren’t realistic. I love to walk, get some air, take in my surroundings. I like this alone, when I visit a place I grew up for a good few years in, ‘Bournemouth’ by the beautiful sea, New Forest and Christchurch Quay.. I’d recommend if you haven’t been already. It clears my head if I consciously do it ‘mindfully’ purely going for a walk, taking notice, and not being consumed by thoughts. Takes a lot of practise!!!

I was at my mentally and physically fittest when I did Jungle Body 3/4 times a week. Moving house has meant that I’m back to once a week and that was hard, readjusting. This was my way of letting out all my stress, anger and grief. Regularly. Changing routine is difficult to accept but it’s all part of the ups and downs.

I will find an accompaniment to Jungle Body when I’m ready. When I pluck up the courage to try something new. ‘Zumba’ the old craze is on my cards, I’ve just been too scared to try another class! I will though, it’s okay. I will take things at my own pace. And fight it, the fit way.

Lots of love, a run, hope and a jump 👍🏻🏆 Abz X 💙

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