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It’s Friday. “Yay” whispers a little voice I can barely hear.

I wish it would scream louder but it’s drowned out by darkening fear. “Black Friday” is trending, people buying in bulk to fill a materialistic hole.

I just have a black cloud covering my poorly lonely soul.

It’s poorly because it’s tired, of moving up and down.

At a pace I don’t comprehend, leaving a very puzzled frown.

“Just take it day by day, then work it week by week.”

Do you know how dull and sad that is? It’s contentment and consistency I seek.

Mental illness picks and chooses when it drops you in the mud.

You’ve got no say for when it comes, it will land you with a thud.

My “Black Friday” came creeping in last night as I was snuggled in my bed.

Low thoughts were just spiralling around my ever so sorry head.

To live each week not knowing, how it will grip you by the throat,

Is not the most inspiring way to help you carry on afloat.

So maybe instead of bargains this “Black Friday” invest in those with emotional needs.

By overspending in love and warmth to help stop the mental bleeds.


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