Group Meeting

Peer Led Workshops

OUR WAY co-produced youth wellbeing project for World Mental Health Day 2017

Abbie is passionate about lived experience leadership, peer led, co-produced work in mental health care, services and provision of education. This gives power and trust to individuals that they are the experts of their experiences and deserve the rights to shape their care and what help they receive. Providing meaningful involvement and participation opportunities, individuals are more likely to feel valued for their expertise, thus supporting them in feeling empowered and to have more ownership and choice in how they engage with others including professional services. Co-production promotes working together striving toward a more equal partnership to create resources, care plans, campaigns and more. It aims to help level the power imbalance and hierarchy between 'professional' and 'service user'. National Survivor user network (NSUN) share great examples and frameworks for working in this way. 

The OUR WAY (Open Understanding Resilient Wellbeing and Youth) project consulted over 120 young people across the UK and co-produced mental health awareness workshops using lived experience of emotional distress to help educate other young people on mental wellbeing. The project was rolled out with a group of young people from the Chatterbox project at Bournemouth YMCA.

This involved training young people on facilitation, communication and public speaking skills whilst letting them explore what the words 'mental health' meant to them and what methods, support systems and networks they can use to cope when they are struggling. 

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